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eco-friendly christmas crafting

(Den deutschen Beitrag findet ihr weiter unten.) 

Hello all and welcome to our eco friendly christmas crafting bloghop!

We would like to give you some ideas how (christmas) crafting can be more eco friendly.
I'm sooo happy about our big round today!
I'm sure you already saw some gorgeous projects on the others' blogs. Probably you are just coming von Franzi.

Because gift wrapping often is quite wasteful, I tried out the traditional Japanese Furoshiki method. Gifts are wrapped with fabrics and I really love this idea.

I used a dish towel to wrap my gift. You can also use a scarf or other fabrics. Maybe your wrapping is part of your present, too. But it doesn't have to of course.
If you are interested on how to do this, please search "Furoshiki" on YouTube, Pinterest or Google. There are a lot of tutorials and beautiful ideas.
I just gave it a first try and it won't be my last.
I only decorated my gift with a little tag I cut out of an old parcel and minim…

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